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Cheryl P. McLeskey, in whose honor Regent University named its library atrium.

Regent University Names McLeskey Atrium in Honor of Cheryl P. McLeskey

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (June 2, 2023) – Regent University has officially named the Regent University Library Atrium the McLeskey Atrium in honor of longtime friend and generous benefactor, Cheryl P. McLeskey. Regent University officials made the announcement at the McLeskey Atrium dedication ceremony on June 1.

Measuring over 6,000 square feet, McLeskey Atrium is a beautiful light-filled space on the second floor of the Regent library building. The atrium provides a grand and welcoming place for the Regent community to gather, hosting thousands of students and guests each year for educational programs and special events.

Regent University’s Founder, Chancellor & CEO, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, calls Cheryl “a dear friend and a true champion of Regent University.” Dr. Robertson shared the following remarks:

“I thank God for the many years that Cheryl and her late husband Wayne have blessed and enriched the lives of students and so many others inside and outside the Regent community. Their many, significant contributions to university scholarships, building projects, school initiatives, events and much more have helped meet critical student, academic and institutional needs.

When I consider the McLeskey’s enduring impact on Regent University, I’m reminded of the sixth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. The Apostle encourages the early church to ‘not grow weary in well-doing,’ to ‘do good to everyone,’ and to ‘boast only in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ With overwhelming generosity, compassion, and love, Cheryl has done all of those things.

In verse eleven, Paul explains how he was writing to the Galatians in ‘large letters … with my own hand.’ When I consider Cheryl and Wayne’s long, fruitful history with Regent, they have written their legacy in ‘large letters with their own hands.’ Their impact on this school the world’s leading, transformational, Christian university will be uniquely evident for generations to come.

Finally, Cheryl, I want to personally express my deepest, sincerest gratitude for your love, friendship, and support over all these years. Your faithful prayers and sacrificial giving have enhanced the quality of a Regent education in ways that cannot be fully known on this side of heaven. Thank you, again, for everything. May God continue to richly bless you.”

At the dedication ceremony, Regent’s Vice President for Advancement Chris Lambert unveiled a commemorative plaque to be displayed at McLeskey Atrium. “From this day forward, this bright, beautiful, and inviting space will be known as McLeskey Atrium,” he said.

Regent’s Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. William L. Hathaway added, “Through her kindness, generosity, and love for Jesus Christ, Cheryl has helped empower generations of world changers to impact countless lives for eternity. Her unwavering faith and steadfast support for Regent University will ensure that thousands more world changers will follow in the decades ahead.”

The Honorable Robert F. McDonnell, 71st Governor of Virginia and Distinguished Professor of Law and Government at Regent University, shared heartfelt remarks from the podium. “I’m so glad that we can honor Cheryl tonight, because of her extraordinary kindness and generosity. Regent is the kind of place that can teach, train, and develop servant leaders – the kind of servant leadership that Cheryl has embodied her entire life – and we need more people like that in the world. Thank you, Cheryl.”

Regent University Names McLesky Atrium
Regent University Names McLesky Atrium
Regent University Names McLesky Atrium
Regent University Names McLesky Atrium
Regent University Names McLesky Atrium
Regent University Names McLesky Atrium

Cheryl is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, champion fisherman, licensed pilot, and a cancer survivor. Cheryl is President and Chief Executive Officer of McLeskey, a family owned and operated commercial and residential real estate development and leasing company, headquartered in Virginia Beach. McLeskey also owns and operates the Virginia Beach Fishing Center and Southside Marina in Virginia Beach. Under Cheryl’s leadership, McLeskey is redeveloping its portfolio and developing new and dynamic real estate projects that will shape the next thirty years in Coastal Virginia. Cheryl’s energy and vision provide organizational growth supported by a solid foundation set by McLeskey’s founder, F. Wayne McLeskey Jr.

“This Atrium is a miracle. This Library is a miracle,” Cheryl said. “Thank you for honoring me here this evening. My heart is filled with love for Regent University’s Chancellor, Dr. Pat Robertson, who has honored my family with the naming of the McLeskey Atrium.”

Cheryl has embraced her valuable and vital role in helping Regent students, alumni, faculty, and staff to fulfill the university’s mission. Her many years of humble service on the Board of Trustees and her unyielding dedication to equipping Christian leaders have strengthened the university’s longstanding commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity.

“It is because of the decades of friendship with the Robertson family and Regent’s bold and consequential mission to raise up Christian Leaders to Change the World that God motivated us to give,” Cheryl said. “This is a campus and ministry of life-changing experiences and miracles. The university has advanced when human eyes could see no pathway forward. I am delighted to do my small part of helping Regent do Kingdom work. My prayer is that Regent continues to flourish and that graduates continue to be salt and light and a source of God’s love in this increasingly broken and chaotic world. Thank you for honoring me tonight and allowing my family to be a part of the marvelous Regent University story.”

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